Police: Mom commits string of crimes with baby by her side

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CHANDLER, Ariz. -- A Valley mom is in big trouble after she tried to steal items from a Chandler Wal-Mart -- with her kid in tow. The situation just got worse from there.

Police say on May 7, Nicci Rounsaville, 23, tried to steal merchandise from the Wal-Mart at Arizona Avenue and Pecos Road in Chandler.

Loss-prevention employees attempted to stop her, but Rounsaville grabbed her child and ran, hitting the baby girl's head on the door frame as she left. It was all caught on surveillance video.

The suspect then ran to her car, which was parked in a clearly-marked handicapped spot.

"She basically just throws her child into the front seat of the car, unrestrained, total disregard for the safety of the child," said Sgt. Joe Favazzo of the Chandler Police Department.

Rounsaville quickly backed out. As she did, she slammed into another car, causing $2,400 in damage. She didn't stop. Like her speedy exit from the store, the wreck was caught on video.

Last Thursday, police say Rounsaville went back to the same shopping area, this time entering a nail salon. Employees there said they witnessed her shoplifting.

Those employees called the police and Rounsaville was arrested. Officers said they found marijuana in her vehicle.

Rounsaville had a warrant out for her arrest and is facing a long list of charges, including child abuse, criminal damage, possession of marijuana and shoplifting.

Editor's note: Click the video player at the top of the page to see the surveillance video and photos of Rounsaville as she left the Wal-Mart store and parking lot.