Your Memorial Day holiday weekend weather

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PHOENIX – It’s Memorial Day weekend and already folks are headed to the high country and getting their barbecues and pools ready for guests.

Weather for the weekend is going to be dry, but it’s not going to be dull.

A trough of low pressure is moving our way from the Pacific Northwest. As it approaches Arizona tomorrow, we’ll see rather breezy, if not, windy conditions around our state, especially in the high country.

Red Flag Warnings are up for much of the state. However, the cooler air won’t arrive until Sunday and that’s when it’s really going to get windy.

On Sunday look for sustained winds in the 40 miles-per-hour range in northern Arizona with gusts in the 50s.

In the Valley, we’ll see sustained winds near 30 with gusts to 45 miles-per-hour.  It will also be cooler. 

In Phoenix on Sunday, we anticipate highs only in the low 90s. Then by Memorial Day itself we’ll see high temperatures in the upper 80s in the Valley. That is really pretty unusual for us this time of year.

The cool-down won’t last long. We should be back in the triple-digit high-temperature range by Wednesday and this time, it looks like we’re going to stay there for awhile.