Pima County Sheriff releases SWAT shooting tapes

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TUCSON, Ariz. -- Thursday evening the Pima County Sheriff's Department released initial case materials on the May 5 SWAT shooting of Jose Guerena.

Included are 911 calls, interviews and audio and video of the incident recorded by PCSD.

It shows a very intense scene including the gunfire that killed Jose Guerena.

Loud sirens could be heard on the audio tape produced by PCSD As members of the SWAT team approach the Guerena home at around 9:30 the morning of May 5.

Police open the door, police open the door.

Once the door wasn't opened, the team breached the door three minutes later.

A few seconds after that, shots were fired.

Back up get him out, get back, get back give me a gun up here. I'm out.

Moments later, the SWAT team describes what happened when they started firing shots.

Who shot back?
All of us did. Hector went down and I didn't know if he was hit our not. I kept shooting to get him out.

At one point, Vanessa Guerena Jose's wife is seen walking close by the door, but then she leaves. The SWAT team tries to get her to come out.

We've got medical attention and paramedics out here to help you guys. We need everybody out of the house.

Vanessa eventually comes out and you can hear the fear in her voice as she is yelling in the background.

Come on, come here. We will get your baby, come here.
No, no you going to shoot me.
Come here.

The SWAT team got the little boy out and by 10:30, the team confirmed that Jose was dead.

The attorney for the Guerena family, Christopher Scileppi, says his team just learned about the information and will be reviewing it and will possible have a statement about it in the future.