Sun City couple regrets buying $4,000 vacuum cleaner

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PHOENIX - Would you buy a vacuum cleaner for nearly $4,000 if you really didn't need it? A Sun City couple says they did and now they need 3 on your side's Gary Harper to get their money back.

Fred and LaVon Schriever keep a tidy home together and Fred says he's responsible for vacuuming. “I keep away from the wife that way.”

During their house cleaning recently, Fred says his doorbell rang. “Three guys come to the door, and they wanted to demonstrate their vacuum.”

Fred says the salesmen were convincing. So convincing, that Fred agreed to let them inside.

“Well they said they had to give some demonstrations and they get $20 for interviewing people.”

Once inside, Fred says he realized he was part of a high-pressure sales pitch for a vacuum from Nortech called Vortech Force. Fred says he didn't need the vacuum, didn't want it and didn't want to use but the three salesmen “kept talking and talking.”

Worn down from the lengthy sales pitch, Fred and his wife found themselves buying the vacuum for $3,900.

When their daughter Kayla came by to visit, she pretty much hit the ceiling when she found out about what they bought and how much they paid. Kayla says she tried calling Nortech to get a refund but didn’t get anywhere.

Kayla says, “I would like for my parents to get their money back and I would also like for 3 On Your Side to report what has happened.”

We contacted Nortech which immediately responded to us. A company spokesperson apologized for the aggressive sales pitch and the very next day Nortech gave the Schriever's back their money in cash. 

The Schriever’s say it wouldn't have happened without 3 On Your Side.

It was a joy to help Fred and his wife out. Particularly since the only carpeting they have in their house is a 5x8 floor rug you can see in the report.

Thank you to Nortech for getting involved after 3 On Your Side contacted them.