Warm and windy, high pollution advisory

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PHOENIX -- Windy weather returns today, although some folks in Arizona would argue it never left.

It's been an especially windy spring, and that pattern continues as we head into the holiday weekend. 

Once again, a low-pressure system sweeps by to our north, bringing breezy conditions to the deserts of the state, and windier weather in the high country.  In fact, there's a wind advisory today in much of Northern Arizona, including Flagstaff, and a red flag warning for the northeast portion of the state for high winds and low relative humidities. 

Firefighters will battle those winds throughout the holiday weekend as they fight several brush and wildfires still burning in Arizona. 

In the Valley, we've had an ozone health watch the past two days, and today that watch gets bumped up to a high pollution advisory. That means the Arizona Department of Environmental Quality is expected ozone levels that may exceed the federal standard.  It is dangerous to breath in high levels of ground-level ozone, and people with asthma or other breathing problems are urged to limit their time outside today. 

Temperatures will top out in the upper 90s today through Saturday, but dip to the low 90s Sunday and mid-80s for Memorial Day.