What you need to know before you book a hotel for your vacation

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It's hard to believe summer is almost here. In fact, it officially kicks off in just a few weeks which means summer vacations are going to start.

Remember those daily resort fees and parking fees and expect fewer amenities when you arrive.

Before you book, make sure you read online comments about the hotel where you'll be staying. Travelers write some pretty revealing comments and could be a deal breaker on whether you book a room there or not.

In order to deal with the recession, hotels had to cut costs so little things like mouthwash or even shampoo may not be in your room.

They really add up but don't be afraid to ask if the hotel will waive some of their fees, sometimes they will.

But before you book a room, these are things your hotel probably won't tell you.

Whether you're flying somewhere for your summer vacation or driving, you'll most likely be staying in a hotel.

So, try to book your room directly through the resort or hotel.

Hotels have to pay a commission to third party sites like Expedia and hotels are usually willing to lower rates if you call them directly.

Make sure you use social media websites like Twitter or Facebook to follow resorts and hotels.

They frequently offer deals only to consumers who follow them.

Also, don't fall for the hotel photographs you see online.

They're supposed to look enticing, but experts say consumers are sometimes disappointed when they show up.