Tucson based World Care preparing for trip to Missouri

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TUCSON, Ariz. -- Rescue crews continue to search for survivors of the deadly tornado in Missouri, but help is on the way, from Tucson.

World Care CEO and founder Lisa Hopper is preparing for a short, but important trip.

Hopper is traveling to Joplin Missouri to help with the relief efforts.

The need is there, with more than a hundred people dead and hundreds more injured.

Buildings have been ripped apart and cars tossed around like toys That region needs help.

"It's bad you know, when you have a death toll that keeps rising and then you have very little recovery going on," said CEO World Care Lisa Hopper.

That's where Tucson based World Care comes into play.  In fact volunteers are already preparing boxes of supplies for the relief effort.

Once those boxes of supplies are filled taped and labeled they'll head into a container just like this one right behind me and they will head on their way to Joplin, Missouri.

If you would like to donate to World Care as they help the relief efforts in Joplin.