More tornadoes Wednesday in the Midwest

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PHOENIX – It’s another day of severe weather in portions of the Midwest.

A line of thunderstorms is producing tornado warnings from the Ohio River Valley to the southern reaches of the Mississippi.

The National Weather Service is forecasting another major outbreak of tornadoes. 

From the forecasters:
A major tornado outbreak is in the forecast later Wednesday afternoon into tonight over portions of the mid-Mississippi and lower Ohio Valleys.

SPC has expanded the high-risk area for severe thunderstorms to include parts of northeastern Arkansas, western Tennessee, southeastern Missouri, southern Illinois, western and central Kentucky and southern Indiana.

Surrounding the high risk, a moderate-risk area extends from southern Arkansas and Mississippi to central Indiana and western Ohio.

Conditions are favorable for long-track, violent tornadoes in both the moderate risk and high risk areas. The storms will also be capable of producing very large hail, damaging straight-line winds, frequent cloud-to-ground lightning and torrential rainfall.

Severe thunderstorms and large, damaging tornadoes Wednesday afternoon and evening could affect significant population centers including St. Louis, Little Rock, Memphis, Nashville, Louisville, Cincinnati, and Indianapolis.

It does appear that as we get toward the end of the week the chances for widespread severe weather will be decreasing quite dramatically. They need a break for sure!

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