Over 100 illegal immigrants found in Phoenix drop house

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PHOENIX - Federal officials have discovered what they describe as one of the "largest" drop houses uncovered in Phoenix in the past five years.

Wednesday morning, 108 undocumented immigrants from Mexico and central America were found crammed into a home near 91st Avenue and Thomas Road.

Federal officials say most of the undocumented immigrants appeared to have arrived earlier Wednesday morning, just before the bust.

Authorities say they became suspicious after observing activities there earlier in the day. Agents with Homeland Security Investigations got reports of multiple vehicles quickly entering and leaving the garage.

The illegal immigrants are from Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador, including five teenage boys and 14 women found among the group.

Among those arrested are at least five people investigators suspect are coyotes or human smugglers.

According to Immigration and Customs Enforcement this was the largest drop house discovered in the Phoenix-metro since March 2008.