Therapy can help ease chronic or acute knee pain

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PHOENIX - Knee pain is a common complaint for people of all ages at the doctor's office, but the good news is you don't have to live with the pain.

Most common knee problems are acute and chronic injuries.

Acute problems are such ailments as a knee sprain or a ligament tear.

Chronic knee problems are caused by wear and tear and arthritis of the knee.

Knee problems are more prevalent in older people because over time wear and tear can lead to cartilage thinning, leading to the bone having to absorb the stresses of the knee. That is when the pain sets in.

Every step a person takes throughout their life can build up and lead to pain becoming constant.

Physical therapists specialize in treating arthritis and if they can strengthen the muscles around the joint they can relieve the pain and take pressure off the joint.

Treatment is dependent on the age of a patient and the condition that the cartilage around the joint is in.

Therapy or cold laser could be options for knee pain treatment.

A patient may go through water therapy to relieve the stress on the knee to begin to deal with the pain in the knee. Through strengthening muscles you can help deal with pain.

Also at 360 Physical Therapy they can get post-surgery patients a plan for physical therapy and rehabilitation after an operation.

At all seven Valley locations, 360 Physical Therapy has physical therapists, not technicians, who are trained to rehabilitate patients.