Phoenix woman wants $2,250 refund from local company

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PHOENIX – Tammy Wadina is a single mom looking for the perfect job.

She posted her resume online and when she did, a company called CDR Group called.  According to Tammy, a CDR Group representative told her something encouraging.

"What we do is, we're a placement company," Tammy says the representative told her.  "We help you get the job that you're looking for."

It sounded good to Tammy and she agreed to pay CDR Group three separate $750 payments totaling more than $2,200.

For that amount, Tammy claims CDR Group told her they would help place her in a job.

"They said, 'Yep, that's what we're good at. That's what we're here for’.'"

Tammy says CDR Group slightly revised her resume and her cover letter but the company never landed her an interview like she thought they would do.

Instead, CDR Group emailed her lists of companies for her to contact, companies that Tammy says may or may not even be hiring.

Tammy says the lists were nothing more than what she could have found on the internet for free.

"Who in their right mind would pay $2,250 to deliver that list? That list is not worth that to me," Tammy says.

The website for CDR Group says it has five phases to help candidates like Tammy land employment but it does not mention anything about actually placing people in a job like Tammy says she was told.

Tammy wanted her $2,200 returned but in a letter, the Phoenix company wrote that they provided Tammy a service and that, "CDR does not place people in positions."

Nevertheless, that's not what they told a 3 On Your Side producer, who called CDR Group claiming to be unemployed and looking for work.

The producer asks, "So, you would help place me in a new job?" The CDR Group representative responds, "Yes, but I need to meet you first."

However, Tammy claims that meeting with a CDR Group representative is nothing more than a sales pitch, a pitch she says she fell for and convinced her to spend $2,200.

"I want my money back. I feel like I paid for a service that they didn't provide."

The owner of CDR Group initially agreed to sit down and talk to 3 On Your Side on camera about Tammy's complaint, but he cancelled on the day of our appointment.  

However, in a telephone conversation, CDR Group's owner told me Tammy quit her campaign for a new job too early and did not fully experience what CDR Group has to offer.

Despite Tammy's complaint, the Better Business Bureau has given CDR Group an A+ rating.

CDR Group issued the following statement:

Mr. Gary Harper
Three on Your Side

Dear Mr. Harper,

1.    On January 5, 2011 Ms Wadina entered into a contract with CDR to assist her in her search for employment. This agreement clearly states when a refund can be claimed. This time frame expired on January 21, 2011 when, at which time, Ms. Wadina did not express any dissatisfaction at all.
2.    The CDR staff in developing her contact letter and revising her resume, as well as researching a substantial number of potential employers, expended considerable time and effort on her behalf.
3.    The first indication CDR received of any dissatisfaction was on March 24, 2011 when we received a charge back notice from her Visa holder. There was NO attempt on the part of Ms. Wadina to contact us and in fact, she has NEVER directly requested a refund. The credit card dispute was found in our favor because it was shown that we had performed and continued to perform services on her behalf.
4.    CDR tried to contact Ms. Wadina several times to see if we could rectify the situation but she refused to respond to CDR.
5.    On May 9th, 2011 CDR received a rather terse letter from the law firm of Davis Miles demanding that we refund her money. Our response was that we had performed to the letter and the spirit of the contract and unless Ms. Wadina was willing to contact us and discuss the situation we remained firm on our decision.
6.    On March 28, 2011, and again on May 13, 2011, CDR received a complaint from the BBB regarding Ms. Wadina. Both complaints have been answered and we await further word on their adjudication.

Mr. Harper, the bottom line is that Ms. Wadina never requested a refund directly from CDR, would not meet with us to negotiate a settlement, or meet with us at all. All during this process CDR continued to perform to our contract. We feel strongly that we are the injured party here, not her.