How to protect your kids online

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PHOENIX -- Now that summer is starting and kids are getting out of school, they have more time on their hands for things like TV, video games, surfing the Internet, and texting with their friends.

With so much time spent online in one way or another, how can parents make make sure their kids are staying safe?

Andrea Eldridge from Nerds on Call showed Tara Hitchcock two options -- one hardware and one software -- designed specifically to help parents protect their kids online so they can be "cyber safe."

Mikko Que Set personalized time limits for each of your kids to watch TV, get online, play video games, etc.  When time's up, Mikko will physically disable the device so your kids can't argue or cheat their way around your limits. 

NetNanny limits the things that your children find online, post to the Internet, even install on the computer.

Even more important than these tools, said Eldridge, is the conversation about why you're using them.