Tucson police enforcing Click It or Ticket

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TUCSON, Ariz. -- If you don't wear a seat belt, you're at risk of not just hurting yourself in a crash, but of getting a ticket.

Especially for the next two weeks.

Tucson police are participating in the nationwide Click It or Ticket campaign, using state and federal money for more patrols looking for people not wearing seat belts.

"Well we hope that the pubic gets the idea that they need to use their seat belt, that they need to buckle up their children , they need to use car seats and to make it safer for them out here," said Sgt. Mary Kay Slyter from the Tucson Police Department.

In Arizona a seat belt violation is a secondary violation, meaning officers must pull you over for a different offense in order to ticket you, but car seat violations are primary, meaning you can be pulled over if police see you violating it.