Firefighters hand out pool safety information following drowning

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PHOENIX – Phoenix firefighters went door to door for the second time in two weeks handing out pool safety information.

They're doing this after a 5-year-old boy drowned over the weekend.

The firefighters handed out safety pamphlets and talked to many residents about the dangers of water and to always watch your kids around a pool.

Firefighter Tye Turner warned, "Toys left by the pool can lure kids into a bad situation."

He recommends removing all toys when kids are done playing with them. He also recommends moving away any tables or chairs that could help a child climb over a pool fence.

Turner said, “As a parent you need to learn you've got to be a couple steps ahead of your child, because kids are smart."

The child who drowned over the weekend marks the seventh child to drown since January.

Along with the children, one teenager and nine adults have also drowned this year and summer hasn't even officially started.