Dying woman needs help getting $1,300 refund

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PHOENIX - Jynine Fauss is pretty blunt about her health. She's terminally ill, and according to Jynine, she only has a few months to live.

"I'm dying," she said. "I needed a will. I've got cancer and I've had chemo and then I had another round of chemo and finally I said, 'That's it.'  I mean, what are you going do?"

To get her affairs in order, Jynine and her husband Clyde wanted to get a will put together. So last year, when they were at their accountant, Morton and Associates, they asked for a recommendation.

Clyde said he told the accountant, "We're looking for someone who can do a will and he said, "Well, I can do a will."

The accountant said he'd prepare a will for Clyde and Jynine for $1,300, so they paid him.

"I wrote the check for $1,300 and he said, well it will take a couple of weeks," Clyde said.

But 12 months later, Clyde and Jynine haven't seen their will and they've asked several times for a refund, but never got one.

"I'm not a very pushy person," Clyde said. "I don't get in people's faces and stuff and that's maybe why it's gone on so long."

3 On Your Side contacted Michael Morton, the accountant and the owner of Morton and Associates and asked him about the will he was paid $1,300 to prepare.

An hour after that conversation, Clyde and Jynine had a check in their hand.

Michael Morton, did not want to speak to 3 On Your Side on-camera about the issue, but claimed he would have returned the money without my involvement.

Clyde and Jynine aren't buying it though. They say they've been waiting a year for either their will or a refund and say they only received their money back after 3 On Your Side intervened.