Zombies invade Tucson's 4th Ave.

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TUCSON, Ariz. -- Things got pretty wild on Fourth Avenue Sunday. The living dead took over the area as a local film crew and hundreds of zombies invaded.

A few restaurant patrons became the newest item on the menu when hungry zombies rushed through the door.

"There's only two kinds of movies you can make for under $1 million, a comedy or a zombie, so we're like let's make a comedy zombie movie," said Director Peter Leon.

The end result is a movie called Copper Creek, based in a small mining community.

"They're trying to make a super miner basically and it goes horribly wrong and the miners turn into zombies," said Leon.

About 300 people showed up.  Writer Patrick Ohlde plays one of the few living characters, the town sheriff.

"He just basically has a mental breakdown and so the movie sees him just getting more and more unhinged until the zombies show up and he gets to unleash on them," said Ohlde.

For Patrick, it's a role that's a little out of character.

"Usually Peter Kills me off pretty quickly in his movies so I had to co-write this with him to make sure my character manages to make it out," said Ohlde.

Sunday it was all about fake blood and face paint.

The movie is expected to be complete in September.