Dr. Oz's 'Defying Your Age Diet'

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PHOENIX -- Dr. Oz has another week of fascinating shows planned this week, full of information you need to live a healthier life.

Oz checked in with Tara Hitchcock during "Good Morning! Arizona" Monday morning to give her a sneak preview of some of the topics, including his "Defying Your Age Diet."

Basically, your body changes how it works as you get older so you need to make the appropriate adjustments in order to avoid gaining weight.

Oz also talked briefly about a controversial question that's fraught with emotion: Is it child abuse to have a child who is fat?

According to the doctor, parenting is always a factor in a child's weight and health, whether the parents are setting poor examples or bringing unhealthful foods into the house.

One Wednesday, Oz will let you in on the six surprising reasons you're cranky, followed up on Thursday by warning signs of what he calls the "whispering killer" of women -- ovarian cancer.

You can watch Dr. Oz weekdays at 11 a.m. and 8 p.m. on 3TV.