LDS bishops will not be charged in Brock case

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PHOENIX – The Pinal County Attorney will not file charges against two LDS Bishops, despite the recommendations from Chandler police.

A police report says Susan Brock, wife of Maricopa County Supervisor Fulton Brock, told her bishop that she had sex with an underage boy. 

A week later, that boy and his father told church leaders the same information, expecting them to contact police. The bishops, instead, called LDS attorneys.

Chandler police believe the bishops committed a crime by failing to follow Arizona's "Duty to Report" statute (AZ 13-3620), but the Pinal County prosecutor will not press charges.

"It's very unfortunate," said Joe Baca of Arizona's SNAP organization, which represents church sex abuse victims.
"The boy went to the church, trusted the church, and they let him down. They should have reported it immediately."
LDS officials responded in a statement, calling claims like Baca's "offensive."

"The church is extremely pro-active in its efforts to protect children from abuse of any kind," said spokesman Eric Hawkins.

A judge sentenced Susan Brock to 13 years in prison for having sex with the boy. Brock's daughter, Rachel, is also accused of having sex with the same minor and is reportedly in talks to strike a plea deal.