PD: 2 suspects kidnap Tucson man, hold him for ransom in Phoenix

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Gabriel Luz-Hernandez, 20. By Alicia Barron Gabriel Luz-Hernandez, 20. By Alicia Barron

PHOENIX – Two men are in custody for allegedly kidnapping a man in Tucson and holding him for ransom in Phoenix.

A local media outlet contacted Phoenix police after a woman called saying her 21-year-old brother had been kidnapped and was being held against his will in Phoenix while his captors made ransom demands and threatened to kill him.

The caller also said her husband was en route to Phoenix to pay the ransom money to her brother’s captors.

The Phoenix Police H.I.K.E. squad (Home Invasion Kidnapping Enforcement) responded to the home in the 2300 block of west Thomas Road and made contact with the caller’s husband before the ransom money was paid.

Police were able to rescue the victim who was reportedly found bound with duct tape around his hands and over his eyes.

Two armed suspects were taken into custody without incident. They have been identified as Gabriel Luz-Hernandez and Luis Alberto Cervantes. Both are 20 years old.

Detectives determined the victim had been run off the road in Tucson and taken out of his car and into the trunk of the captor’s vehicle and then driven to Phoenix.

Police say the one of the suspects admitted to being involved in an armed robbery in Phoenix during questioning.

The victim suffered minor injuries. The two suspects face charges including kidnapping, extortion, weapons violations, and armed robbery.