Family of bobcats captured in Anthem neighborhood

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ANTHEM, Ariz. -- The great outdoors got a little too close for comfort for an Anthem woman after a bobcat gave birth to four kittens in her backyard about five weeks ago.

She let them stay, but then the mother bobcat moved her family to the roof of the woman's home.

Neighbors reported finding the remains of other small animals killed by the bobcats all over their yards.

The professionals were called in and were able to capture the mother and her kittens near Daisy Mountain Road and Interstate 17.

"We separated the mom from the babies then once we did that, we set up the cage to lure the mom back to the babies," said Jason Nolan with Critter Ridder of Arizona.

The kittens and the mother were taken to the Adobe Mountain Wildlife Center, which works with the Arizona Game and Fish Department. They'll eventually be released back into the wild.