Peoria man's $3,700 entertainment center arrives damaged

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PEORIA, Ariz. - A Peoria man is battling an out-of-state furniture company for a $3,500 purchase. 

The purchase was for an entertainment center but when it arrived, it wasn't exactly what Don Martin was expecting for the money he paid.

“It looked nice in the picture and we couldn't find one anywhere else that looked that way so that's why we ordered it.”

Don recently decided that he wanted a new entertainment center for his new television.

“We bought a new TV and had to buy a new entertainment center, new TV's too big for the entertainment center we had.”

Don went online and came across a website called based out of Virginia where he found an entertainment center that he liked. After paying nearly $3.500, the entertainment center was delivered to Don's Peoria home but Don didn't like what he saw.

“I didn't even want them to unload it because it was so damaged but the instructions were not to refuse it so I didn't.”

Don says he was forced to accept the damaged entertainment center, even though he knew it was pretty well banged up but after complaining to the Home Cinema Center, Don says they told him this:
“I called them right away and they said unbox the rest of it because I didn't unbox this portion at all.”

Don unboxed all of it and couldn’t believe what he was left with. Loose panels were about to fall off, forklift marks on the entertainment center and sides that looks like they've been chewed.

Remember, Don paid $3,500 for this. “I feel like I've been jipped. I feel like I'm about to lose my money.”

Don says Home Cinema Center told him to put the entertainment center back in the same box, the box he was told to cut and take off and ship it back. Only then would he get his money back. Don couldn't believe it.

“I'm at the end of my rope. I don't know what else to do so that's why we contacted 3 On Your Side.”

Home Cinema Center tells 3 On Your Side shipping back the large piece of furniture at Don's expense was the only option. 

Then Home Cinema Center told us if Don would simply donate the damaged entertainment center to a local charity, they would then refund him his $3,500.

“I just want my money back. I want to be rid of this furniture. I don't need it!”

The entertainment center is in the process of being picked up. Home Cinema Center says they wanted it donated so the refund could count as a tax deduction. We’ll let you know when that refund happens.