Avondale police seize military style assault weapons

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AVONDALE, Ariz. - Avondale police seized more than 25 replicas of military-style assault weapons during an undercover operation.

The Avondale Police Department Street Crimes Unit seized the weapons.

The replica weapons are very realistic in size, weight and physical characteristics.

The replica weapons are completely legal to own and possess, but they are a danger to police officers and the public if in the hands of a criminal.

Weapons seized include an MP-5 subcompact machine gun, Mac-10 with suppressor, UZI machine gun, 37MM grenade launcher, M-16/AR-15, claymore mine, AK-47 rifle and various handguns.

Even though the weapons use pellets or are fake, these types of guns are being used in home invasions, armed robberies and other crimes.

Avondale police want the public to know that even though the weapons are fake they do pose a serious threat to the public and to police officers.