Report released on Phoenix kidnapping numbers

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PHOENIX - A panel reviewing the Phoenix Police Department's kidnapping statistics have concluded they were wrong, but not inflated.

The panel has been reviewing the numbers for weeks and decided that in fact they were not over-reported, there were actually more kidnappings in Phoenix than previously thought.

In light of the panel's decision, a lot of people, including former police Chief Jack Harris, feel they've been vindicated.

Apparently an old computer system and lack of records oversight are to blame for the department misreporting their kidnapping statistics to the federal government.

The city will now deal with the records system to make the necessary updates to prevent this from happening in the future.

The panel, formed in an independent audit by the city, has been investigating the numbers since it was suspected kidnapping numbers were over reported by the department in an effort to get about $2 million in federal grant money.

A federal audit is still being conducted and should release its results in a few weeks.