Use propane to get around fire restrictions

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ARIZONA - By Friday, all six of the national forests in Arizona will have fire restrictions in place, but that doesn't have to put a damper on an upcoming Memorial Day camping trip.

With Memorial Day weekend the second busiest time to go camping, the forest service wants to make sure everybody understands the rules.

Tammy Pike with the Tonto National Forest Service said people are still allowed to have a campfire as long as it's in a designated campsite and inside a forest service provided fire ring.

For campers who aren't in to staying in designated areas, a portable propane fire pit will allow them to roast marshmallows in any part of the forest.

Pike said they consider that kind of fire pit as a "gas stove."

She said propane doesn't create any embers that can float and catch nearby dry grass on fire.

As long as the forest service allows gas stoves to be used in the area where someone is camping, campers can fire up a propane fire pit.

The propane fueled fire pits cost anywhere from $80 to $100.

Pike also reminds campers that even though the state recently allowed the use of fireworks, they are not permitted on federal land, not even in designated camping areas.