Little boy meets first responders who saved his life

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PHOENIX - Last year, after being horribly abused, a little two-year-old boy had little chance of survival, but the highly trained team of first responders and emergency room doctors gave that little boy a second chance.

On Wednesday, he helped celebrate National Emergency Medical Services Week and honor those who gave so much to give him hope.

His name is Phoenix Wise and he is a beautiful baby boy with lots of energy. Today he is a far cry from when Phoenix firefighter Dan Donahue first saw him last year.

Capt. Donahue immediately saw that the abused boy had suffered horrible injuries to his head.

Dr. David Schafron and others with the Phoenix Children's Hospital’s emergency team knew only a miracle could save a child with Phoenix's wounds.

The quick response by paramedics and others was the center of a celebration at Phoenix Children's Hospital Wednesday morning and Phoenix and his adopted mother, Loren were special guests.

Loren added Phoenix to her home, already jam packed with his sister and six other adopted children, after watching him fight to stay alive.