Pima County clashes with Arizona lawmakers over budget

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TUCSON, Ariz. -- There were fireworks downtown Tuesday as members of the Pima County board of supervisors lashed out at two Arizona lawmakers, accusing them of balancing the state's budget on the backs of Pima County.

The lawmakers stood their ground, but got the message.

State representatives Ted Vogt from District 30 and Vic Williams from District 26 got an earful Tuesday morning at the board of supervisors meeting.

"The actions that you took this year in regards too your budget really gave us all the impression down here in Pima County that you know we were kind of your whipping post and that hurt," said Pima County Supervisor from District 5, Richard Elias.

Williams didn't hesitate to fire back at the board on the issues that deal within the county limits.

"And we look at not so much Pima County as the problem we take a look at what's going on with the City of Tucson and its object failure with Rio Nuevo its object failure with economic development," said Representative Williams.

The state has developed a plan to balance the more than $8 billion budget.  A plan that calls for Pima County to increase taxes.

"We've asked Pima County to pitch in approximately 8 to 10 million dollars to help," said Representative Vogt.

Board of Supervisors Chairman Ramon Valadez says the county tries to balance the budget so they won't have to run into problems like this.

"If you take a look at what levy in primary property taxes, one third of primary property tax that the county collects already goes to the State of Arizona how much is our fair share," said Valadez.

That's a question that will have to be debated between Pima County and the state representatives.

The Pima County supervisors told the state representatives they were happy to have them at the meeting, but that they should come more often.