Run your pool for half the cost

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TEMPE, Ariz. – A new variable speed pool pump has many people considering replacing their standard pool pump.

The new pool pumps are more efficient and therefore cost half as much to run.

On average, a pool owner spends $600 a year to clean and filter the pool. This new variable speed pool pump is supposed to cut that cost in half.

SRP and APS are offering $200 rebates to those who buy one. Both electric companies are also offering $75 rebates to pool owners who buy a seasonal timer.

The timers automatically adjust how long the pool runs based on the season we're in.

John McRae in Tempe is having a new variable pool pump installed Thursday. McRae pays $490 a year in operating costs.

Using SRP's online "pool" calculator, he's expecting to save more than $300 a year.

In three years his new pump will be paid for. On average, a new variable pool pump costs $400 more than a standard pump.

For more information go to Save with SRP or APS.