Heat plans for 2011 All-Star Game in Phoenix

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PHOENIX – As you probably know, the Major League Baseball All-Star game is being held in Phoenix on July 12.

It’s a weekend full of activities and people will be coming from all over the country and world to see the game. I mean, it’s the best baseball players on the planet in one venue. Very cool. (Can you tell I’m a baseball fan?)

The Diamondbacks are making plans for the out-of-towners to handle the heat.

If you’ve been to Chase Field this season, you’ve probably seen the APS solar shade project on the plaza area. Besides providing much-needed shade, the power generated could run 10 houses for a year.

The All-Star parade is a big concern. It’s going to start at about noon and temperatures could very easily be in the 100-degree range by then. 

To counter that, the Diamondbacks have shortened the route. In other cities, the parade route has been a couple of miles. Ours will be about 1/4 mile on Jefferson Street from the US Airways Center to Fourth Street.

Also, firefighters will be on hand to help prevent any heat-related problems. Hey, all us Arizonans that “get it” should help keep an eye on our guests, too.

All other events will be indoors such as the game and homerun derby at Chase and the Fanfest at the Civic Center.