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PHOENIX -- School’s almost out and the summer travel season isn’t far behind.  This summer, social medial and more smartphone apps will let tourists ditch those generic guidebooks and add more mystery, more fun, and less time looking at a map to their vacation.

Whether it’s California, New York, Paris or closer to home, a lot of travelers want more from a destination that just the major tourist attractions.  Social media and more apps have travelers trading traditional guidebooks for smartphones.

Here are some examples I came across: 

The Nextpedition experience from American Express Travel, inspired by and created for smartphone-savvy travelers, draws on a social media-style personality quiz to determine a traveler’s “sign”.  It can design the mystery locations to visit and things you’ll do while you’re there.

The Tripline app lets travelers share an interactive trip map and shows check-ins at the places along the way so you or your friends can visit them again.

Howcast’s app lets you travel like a local.  It has video tutorials on everything from taxi strategies in New York to the proper consumption of soba in Japan.

If you’re headed to Disney World this year, check out the new Undercover Tourist app made to negotiate wait times for rides, and even has a built-in GPS to help find your car at the end of the day.

Demand is growing, so are offerings of travel apps, so be sure to carefully vet any you choose by looking for independent reviews. 

Here’s a website on the basics to get your started. Happy traveling!