Drexel Heights Fire releases 911 call in SWAT shooting case

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TUCSON, Ariz. -- She claims her husband was wrongly killed in a SWAT raid and in 911 tapes just released by the Drexel Heights Fire Department, you can hear the desperation in Vanessa Gurena's voice as she pleads for them to help her husband Jose after he was shot.

Vanessa Guerena called 911 after her husband Jose was shot.

Where's, where is your husband at right now?
He's on the floor.
He's inside the house?
Yes, he's on the floor, can you please hurry up.

According to reports, the SWAT members fired at the former Marine who was holding a rifle with the safety on.

His wife explains to the operator what she'd seen.

They opened the door and they shoot him, please send me an ambulance and you can ask me those questions later, please.

You can hear the panic in Vanessa's voice as she tries to get help for her husband.

Jose was shot at more than 70 times as PCSD was serving a search warrant for a narcotics conspiracy case.

Where was he shot at?
In the stomach.
In the stomach?
And his hands.

Later in the call another operator comes in ask if SWAT is near the home.

Ma'am is law enforcement at your house, inside or outside your residence?
They're outside, but they came inside. They were inside.

At one point Guerena talks about a SWAT team member pointing a gun at her.

They were pointing at me with a gun, I thought they were going to shoot me and I put my kid in front of me I thought they were going to hit me.

The Drexel Heights Fire Department was on scene, but they were told by PCSD to wait because of the situation.

About an hour later, they were called off because Jose was confirmed dead.

Before the call ends, the operator tried to get Guerena's wife to apply pressure to his wounds, but she said she couldn't do it.