Behind the scenes with Scott Pasmore

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He rides! He drives! He bikes! He flies!  Shooting a promo for Scott is like tagging along with Tom Cruise on a film shoot but without the creep factor! Knowing Scott’s passion for all ‘wheeled’ things, it was a no brainer to include a little of that in his promo. And boy was that fun!

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My idea was to have him on his bike but Shane thought it would be different to showcase Scott’s newest passion: flying. When we went out to Deer Valley Air park, I didn’t think I would be flying that day but was surprised to find that there was room to tag along in the back seat. But not much. The plane was tiny! I won’t tell you how disappointed Shane was when Scott told him he was going to have to shut the passenger window he was hanging his arm and the back part of the camera out of! 

But while the ride was cramped and warm, Scott was a good pilot! We had a very smooth take off and landing. I am prone to motion sickness (curse you, old age!) and was a little worried when I first found out I would be going up with the guys. Shane was perplexed as he said I was fine when we went up with Bruce in NewsChopper 3 a couple years back but I reminded him that I took Dramamine that time! So it was very nice of Scott to check on me during the trip! 

Our flight was short but very sweet. We flew across Arrowhead and back and as you’ll see, I had a lot of fun shooting pictures from that low altitude. It was very much like riding in NewsChopper 3.  You really get a fascinating bird’s eye view and I am happy I get to share that with you.

From there we went to Scott’s house. A beautiful pad any bachelor would be happy to call home.  My favorite parts were the red pool table, his cool office and the circular stairway. But once we got outside, all that took a back seat to motoring along the waterway behind his house in his boat.  Sadly, the cloud cover kept us from getting the beautiful sunset we were aiming for, but the cool serenity, the nice scenery and the good company made for a very nice way to end the day. Scott’s boat has a radio and when he put it on, he said that Gibby teases him and tells him he must cruise around in his boat blasting Sinatra for the ladies!

Scott Pasmore Fun Facts

Scott moved to Phoenix in 1987.

Scott has been flying for three years.

Scott’s flying instructor was Andrew Eagleton. It is his plane that Scott flew that day. Andrew poses with Scott at his hanger in one of our behind the scenes pics.

Scott has a private pilot license.

The plane Scott is flying is a 2004 Cessna 172.

Deer Valley Airport was built in 1960 as a private airfield with a single runway. Today it is home to more than 1,277 aircraft.

The boat Scott is driving is his 16ft. electric pontoon.

We dedicate our spot to “Phoenix”. Scott got the lab mix from the Humane Society. He was Scott’s dear companion for 17 years and recently passed away from old age. Godspeed Phoenix!