Behind the Scenes with Kaley O'Kelley

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By Vique Rojas By Vique Rojas

When it comes to working with someone, they don’t get much nicer than Kaley O’Kelly. And after shooting with her I can say the newlywed found her perfect match in her husband Paul.  He is just as nice as he is cute, just like Kaley!

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Now if I would have put them in surroundings that are more ‘them’, I would have shot the couple having a romantic stroll down Central Avenue’s Bridle Path. Sadly, a location scout told us the lighting just wouldn’t do. Shane (Director of Photography) also had concerns with their height differences as Paul is tall. 

But I had seen the cute surreys at Encanto Park and decided that would be an adorable and fun way to showcase the couple. Well I was right about the adorable part. But let me tell you, it is tough to peddle a four person surrey uphill by yourself when you are hauling Shane and his camera! As you will kinda see from my behind the scenes pictures, the way we shot this was to ride in front of them with Shane sitting in some weird configuration where he faced them, while I peddled. 

Since, Kaley finds it exciting to live here because of all the hot button issues that have a Phoenix/Arizona connection I wanted to find a good location that would say ‘big city’.  You would think that would be an easy task but it took some work to find something that had the sun coming from the right direction, wasn’t too noisy and still looked like down- town. 

While exploring the new downtown Sheraton, Shane and I saw a plaque that directed people to the ‘Valley Overlook’. It is a 6,400 sq. foot semi-enclosed patio tucked away on the fourth floor. It was perfect for our needs. Until we got there that is. At that height, time of day and configuration the patio turned into a wind tunnel. You know how windy it gets here these days! Poor Kaley! We put a ton of hair spray on her and had to wait forever to get just a few moments when it wasn’t crazy windy!  Unfortunately, in the end, we decided to cut the shot from the spot but you can still see what it would have looked like. 

I want to thank Kraig Lyon, operator of Enchanted Island for graciously lending us the great surreys. You are the best and doing a fabulous job of maintaining ‘the fun’ to be found at Encanto Park.

Much thanks also to Kelly and Sheraton Phoenix Downtown Hotel for their extreme hospitality in letting us shoot from their West Valley Overlook! We love the Sheraton!

Kaley O'Kelley Fun Facts

Kaley was born in Washington State.

You know she’s quite the looker but did you know that Kaley is a beauty queen? Kaley’s sister entered her in the Miss Teen Washington USA contest as a joke. She thought Kaley wouldn’t do it but Kaley called her bluff. Kaley ended up going to the competition directly from softball practice---and won! She said she was the shortest girl in the bunch! More proof good things come in small packages!

Kaley’s first on-air job was hosting a teen talk show at a public access station in LA. Every Thursday, she carried the show’s set in her tiny, un-air conditioned car across town.

Kaley graduated from Pepperdine University.

Kaley’s first on-air job after graduating from Pepperdine was at KYMA in Yuma. She produced and reported on the weekend show. Eventually she was promoted to host and weather on the station’s morning show.

When Kaley worked in Santa Barbara she worked with our own Tess Rafols! They carpooled quite a bit. How’s that for a fun fact?!

Kaley has one sister and four -count ‘em four- foster siblings! The Kelly’s have a lot of love to give!

Kaley met her husband Paul at Olive & Ivy in Scottsdale.

Kaley and Paul got married in Seattle in September of 2010.

Kaley and Paul are going to have a baby! The baby is due in November. Check out the ultrasound pic!

Phoenix Point of Pride #11, Encanto Park is comprised of 222 acres of picnic and recreation fun right smack in the middle of Phoenix.  Located on 15th Avenue, between Thomas and Encanto Blvd, construction on the park began in 1935.

Set in the heart of downtown Phoenix on 3rd Street and Van Buren, Sheraton Phoenix Downtown Hotel is Phoenix’ largest hotel with 1,000 smoke free guest rooms and suites.  It boasts an interior as stunning as its panoramic views!

Encanto (Spanish for ‘enchanted’) Park is home to tennis, basketball and racquetball courts, swimming pools and an 18-hole golf course. But my personal favorite part of the park is Enchanted Island Amusement Park. I recently rode the train and can say that proprietor Kraig Lyon is doing a fabulous job of maintaining this precious family jewel. With rides, picnic tables, and concession stands, it is an even better place for kids’ birthday parties than it was when I was celebrating there and that’s saying a lot!  Kraig is also the guy who rents out those cute surreys and watercraft for cruising Encanto’s meandering lagoon.