Neighbor pulls mom from pool following prank

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PHOENIX – Armando Garcia is recovering after a frantic situation.

On Sunday, he was outside changing his oil when a neighbor boy started screaming for help.

The 5-year-old was yelling that his mom was drowning. Garcia said when he showed up to the boy's home, he found his mom floating in the backyard pool.

Garcia pulled the boy's mom out of the pool and Garcia's wife started CPR on her. The mom was transported to St. Joseph's Hospital with a pulse but in critical condition.

A Glendale Fire Department spokesman said the the boy was playing around in the backyard pool, pretending he was drowning when the mom jumped in to help him.

It turns out the mom didn't know how to swim and when the boy realized it, he ran for help.

Garcia said when he showed up the boy was wearing a life jacket.

The woman died about a week after the incident.