Valley woman wants $900 refund from real estate company

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PHOENIX – With six kids, Brittany Quiggle and her husband definitely need a larger home.

Brittany says, "We've been living in a small two-bedroom apartment, 900 square feet."

Brittany began looking for homes to buy on the popular website Craigslist and she couldn't help but notice an advertisement that kept showing up.

"About every other ad we saw was for Home Start AZ and it was for homes to rent to own."

Home Start AZ has numerous homes on its website and for a $900 fee, they offer something called the ICredit program which claims to help people like Brittany to raise their credit so they qualify for a home.

Britanny and her husband paid the $900 but say they didn't get anything for their money and communication with Home Start AZ basically stopped after paying the money.

Britanny tells 3 On Your Side, "I have numerous emails that I have sent. This is the fourth or the sixth email I've sent and then nothing."

3 On Your Side tried contacting Home Start AZ but no one called back either so 3 On Your Side went to their headquarters where I was referred to their sales manager.

After discussing the matter, he told me the company would return the $900 and they did.

Home Start AZ returned part of Brittany's fee to her credit card and gave her a check for the rest.

Brittany is happy to have her money back. "When I got the email from the company saying they were going to return my money, I was excited. I couldn't believe I got the money as fast as I did."