Crazy May weather this week

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PHOENIX – It’s not so much it’s going to be rather windy. That happens a lot this time of year but the two crazy things are the temperatures, expected to be running 15 to 20 degrees below normal and the chance for rain. 

Yes, there’s a chance for rain across much of Arizona mid-week, including the Valley. May is our second driest month of the year in Phoenix so when we get any rain at all, that’s “stop the presses” kind of weather.

To be clear, it’s not pack-the-rain-gear-and-umbrella-time yet. The chance for rain in the Valley on Wednesday night and Thursday is only about 20 percent. The most optimistic rainfall model I’ve seen suggests if we get any rain, it will be less than 1/10 of an inch. 

As usual, the better chances for rain (and maybe some wet snow) will be in the northern and eastern parts of Arizona, where the mountains will give that storm system a little extra vertical push but even in the mountains, don’t look for a lot of rain.

Our models are telling us total precipitation will be in the range of ½ an inch. Not a lot, unless we consider it’s our driest month of the year.