Tucson church holds service welcoming GLBT community

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TUCSON, Ariz. -- A local Presbyterian church held a special worship Sunday welcoming the GLBT community.

This comes just days after a vote by the church that allows gays and lesbians to be ordained as ministers.

"We're a church that is reformed and always being reformed according to the word of god that we never quite have all the answers," said Reverend Gustie Newquist.

Reverend Newquist with Saint Mark's Presbyterian church says a movement is underway.

"It takes an openness of heart, it takes courage to say that i was wrong and i want to make that right,"

This week the Presbyterian church voted to change a rule saying clergy must live, "within the covenant of marriage between a man and a woman."

The Presbyterian church is the fourth protestant denomination to make the shift.  Some members say it's about time.

"It's very hard for people to accept what they're not comfortable with and I make people uncomfortable just by my being," said Fran Westra.

Westra is an openly gay member of saint mark's who in the past has been the victim of hate crime.

"My windows were broken, my tires were slashed, I had a cross in my yard and all because I happened to say, I'm out,"

Times are definitely changing.

About twenty Presbyterian groups voted against a similar measure to ordain gays two years ago.

Those institutions have switched sides.

"I think there probably are about 140 of them across the United States that have resisted our discriminating policy," said Sylvia Thorson-Smith from the More Light Team.

Not everyone is on board. The United Methodist Church still wrestles with the issue. For Fran Westra this it's a major step forward.

"I'm accepted for being Fran, not for being a token of something else," said Westra.

Saint Mark's is part of a larger network of churches promoting the movement, which they call, "More Light."