Family of toddler who drowned prepares to say goodbye.

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PHOENIX--The family of a two-year-old boy who drowned Monday afternoon is preparing to lay the toddler to rest.

Mikey Bradley Ratliff was at his mother's West Valley home when the adults left him unattended in the kitchen, and he climbed through the doggy door and out to the pool.

He was discovered in the water close to 30 minutes later. The pool was not in use at the time but had about three feet of murky water at the bottom.

"Mikey really never noticed the doggy door before, no one took into account it would be a risk.  The sliding glass door was closed so they thought that would be enough, but it wasn't," said Maggie Mayper, the boy's aunt.

"You can't keep an eye off them, you gotta watch your kids, know where they are at all times, lock the doors up, lock the doggy door up," said Randy Ratliff, Mikey's uncle.

Mikey is at least the sixth child to drown in the Valley so far this year.

His funeral is set for Monday. His family will raise money to pay for those expenses on Sunday at a car wash at Sonic on 19th Avenue and Bell.