Photos from Drenth's death scene released

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PHOENIX – The Phoenix Police Department on Friday released hundreds of photos taken at the scene of Sgt. Sean Drenth's death.  

Drenth's shooting remains a mystery as investigators are unable to label it a murder or a suicide.

The pictures show Drenth lying down with his shotgun, the gun used to kill him on his chest.  

His handcuffs, flashlight, and secondary pistol are laying on the ground nearby, in a lot near the Capitol.  

Drenth's primary duty weapon was later found on the other side of a fence.

Police also released recordings of investigation interviews. Detectives are heard questioning Drenth's wife, his fellow officers, friends, and people who called in tips.

“He loved being a cop," Drenth's wife Colleen tells investigators. "He loved to wear the uniform."

Colleen Drenth says her husband seemed fine before the shooting, echoing statements made by other officers. Drenth's partner says he could not have killed himself.

"It is not Sean Drenth.  You'd have to show me a note that got signed by Sean under duress to prove to me that Sean committed suicide. Absolutely ridiculous," said Officer Jed Fisher.