Dog suffers heat exhaustion on hike with owner

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By Jennifer Thomas By Jennifer Thomas

PHOENIX -- The Valley's hot temperatures don't just take a toll on people, as some dog owners found out Friday morning.

Firefighters had to rescue a dog from the Thunderbird Recreation Area near Pinnacle Peak Road and 55th Avenue in northwest Phoenix after it apparently suffered heat exhaustion while on a hike with its owners.

The hikers reported that their dog was in trouble and looked like it might have heat stroke, according to firefighter-paramedic Ted Wynn.

Firefighters found the Rottweiler lying down and unable to walk. Wynn said the dog was not responding right.

"It looked like it had just gotten too much heat," Wynn said.

The rescue team cooled the dog down and carried him down the trail. Wynn said the dog appeared to be doing OK when it was put in the owners' vehicle.

"People don't understand that dogs really can't handle the heat," Wynn said. "And a lot of times they'll do OK for a while, but the next time that you come out your dog, like this one, can get in a lot of trouble."