ASU athletes caught on camera fighting in their underwear

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By Alicia Barron By Alicia Barron

TEMPE, Ariz. – It’s called the Arizona State University “Undie Run” where close to 10,000 students basically strip and run through the campus in underwear. The clothes they take off are then donated to local charities. It is the unofficial end to the school year.

Sure guys and girls in their underwear are the star attraction at this annual event.

However, this year it seems they were upstaged by unorganized mobs of people running in random directions destroying everything in their path.

Close to a dozen people were arrested for fighting or drinking.
The video that left two ASU wrestlers suspended starts off with a large guy in blue surrounded by literally hundreds of screaming ASU students.

About half a dozen people begin circling the guy like sharks. People are throwing drinks at him. Some guy is jumping around like a jester mocking the guy and then suddenly ASU wrestler Carlos Castro flies in with a punch to the guy’s face.
The victim brushes Castro off but his smugness is short-lived. He gets sucker-punched by Te Edwards, another ASU wrestler.
That is just one of the many YouTube videos that went viral after the ASU Undie Run.

Several videos have surfaced showing the roaming mass of underwear-clad students trashing the school’s Memorial Union.
For their part in the fight, both Castro and Edwards have been suspended.
The ASU Athletic Dept. issued the following statement: “We are handling it internally with the ASU student code of conduct and the two student athletes have been suspended indefinitely from the team pending the outcome of the process.”
The event organizers did not want to go on camera but said, “The important aspects of the event were that we raised four tons of clothes and 3,000 meals for charity, not that a couple of kids fought and some students ran off course through the MU.”

Te Edwards, who jumps in with what looks like a sucker punch, says he was just trying to defend a friend against a much larger opponent. He also said he is not the type of person who would hit a random individual without justified cause.

Another witness said the guy in blue started the fight. However, that witness does admit the video doesn’t help the cause for the ASU wrestlers.