Community Food Bank unveils assistance center thanks to Giffords donations

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TUCSON, Ariz. -- Following the January 8 shootings, well-wishes and support for Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords started pouring in.  Her husband, Mark Kelly, suggested people moved to show their support for Gabby donate money to her favorite charities, the Community Food Bank and the Southern Arizona Red Cross.

Thursday, in front of Congresswoman Giffords staff, the Community Food Bank unveiled what all those donations have done

"We wanted to do something significant.  Something that would be lasting with the funds that came in," said Bill Carnegie from the Community Food Bank.

The Gabrielle Giffords Family Assistance Center will be built in her honor.  The center will be more than 1200 renovated square feet.

A variety of programs will reside there, including help for federal and state programs and health assistance programs.

"January 8 gave more of a platform for more people to learn about what the Community Food Bank does for this community," said Carnegie.

"It's really hard to absorb that something so good could come from such an awful tragedy," Gifford's Chief of Staff Pia Carusone.

More than $160,000 poured in from 48 states and 4 countries.

"It's our way of really honoring Gabrielle and all of the people that contributed to this fund so that we can help and stamp out hunger here in Southern Arizona," said Carnegie.

Construction is set to begin in june and will cost a little more than $150,000.