Update on Scottsdale CEO vs Verizon

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SCOTTSDALE - A Scottsdale CEO accused of cramming charges onto consumers’ cell phone bills has lost round one in a major battle with Verizon. 

3 On Your Side first reported on this story back in March when the CEO of JAWA, Jason Hope, came under fire from the wireless giant.
Hope is well known for his flashy lifestyle.
He is currently building a 100,000 square foot house in the exclusive Scottsdale community of Silverleaf.  
Hope’s company, JAWA, markets premium text message services.

The company charges about $10 a month for its customers to get messages on different topics such as jokes and recipes.
At the heart of this legal battle: Whether or not JAWA was misleading consumers.
A Federal Judge handed down a preliminary injunction against JAWA, Eye Level Holdings and its owner, Jason Hope, blocking JAWA from doing business with Verizon. 
U.S. District Court Judge David Campbell issued the ruling that found JAWA, its parent Eye Level Holding, Hope and Wayne Destefano, another JAWA employee, misled Verizon about its practices.
“Verizon is likely to suffer irreparable harm if defendants are not enjoined from again deceptively accessing Verizon’s network and engaging in the kinds of actions established in this case,” Campbell wrote.
Verizon officials praised the decision saying, “We are pleased the court has found merit in our position, and we will aggressively continue our work to protect consumers against this type of fraud.”
In a previous interview, Hope told 3 On Your Side that the allegations are “completely baseless.”
Today JAWA company spokesman Nathan Sproul said, “We are gratified that the judge finds it unlikely that Verizon’s claims of consumer fraud will be successful, and indeed the judge’s ruling did not identify any consumer that had been harmed by JAWA, its marketing, or its products. While we wish the court’s decision would have offered injunctive relief to JAWA, we recognize today’s decision is the first step in a long journey.”