Bride-to-be says Valley boutique left her hanging

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MESA, Ariz. - Chelsea Johnson got engaged on New Year's Eve.

She thought she had everything ready for the big day, but when it came to her bridesmaid dresses…

“I started to get a bad feeling because every time I would call their store I would call several times,” she said. “Nobody would answer.”

Chelsea ordered the dresses from a Tempe business called Once in a Life Tyme Bridal.

Despite being measured for what they expected to be a perfect fit, the dresses were nowhere close.

Chelsea snapped pictures when they tried on the dresses.

“Both of the dresses were horrible,” she said. “They were gaping on top. They were way too tight we could barely zip them up around the middle.”

The girls say the store wanted to charge more money to fix the dresses.

At that point Chelsea, her sister Megan and their mom starting shopping somewhere else, and emailed 3 On Your Side for help.

“It's just been hard,” Chelsea said. “I mean, it's already stressful with everything else I have to try to arrange and deal with.”

3 On Your Side contacted Once in a Life Tyme Bridal.

We tried to resolve the case over the phone but when that didn't happen... we visited the business.

While the manager didn't want to talk on-camera, she did show us a warning posted inside the business that says, “We do not pay for alterations if the size you order does not fit.”

We trusted them,” Chelsea’s sister Megan said. “We took their advice and ordered the sizes by their advice.”

Chelsea and Megan ended up finding different bridesmaid dresses, ones that fit.

They're still out about $160, but Chelsea's not letting it turn her from blushing bride to Bridezilla.

“I just have to keep things in perspective and you know it's not that big of a deal in the grand scheme of things,” she said.

An attorney for Once in a Life Tyme tells 3 On Your Side, in part:

“I understand the purpose of your program is to obtain refunds for consumers who feel they have been treated inappropriately. I am also certain that you will understand that there are cases where refunds are not an entitlement and where a retailer has actually gone above and beyond what is required legally, and yet that still does not satisfy a customer who may seek to take advantage of a situation unfairly.”