Flagstaff moms appear on Oprah's last makeover show

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FLAGSTAFF, Ariz. – Two moms are now part of Oprah history as they were featured on her very last makeover show Thursday.

3TV caught up with the best friends to get the scoop on what it was like to be transformed by Oprah’s dream team.

All her life, Kara Lee has struggled with her curly hair. So when we caught up with her before she left for Chicago, she confessed. "I'm excited and I'm nervous and I'm like, ‘Oh don't fall on your face, don't make a fool of yourself’ and that kind of thing but I'm super, super excited.”

Not only did Kara and her friend, Hope Gibbs, shine on stage but being on the show surpassed all their expectations.

Hope told us, “It's an airplane ride to a place where a car drives you to a studio and these people come out and acknowledge you by name, ‘Hi Hope, hi Kara, we've been waiting for you, we're so excited to meet you’ and hugs and kisses, I've never been so hugged and kissed in my entire life.”

The makeover dream team included Designer Diane Von Furstenberg, Celebrity Hairstylist Ken Paves and Make-Up Artist Collier Strong.

Both Kara and Hope came home with a wardrobe of new clothes. Kara told us, "I think it was Diane's influence that said Audrey Hepburn, she said Audrey Hepburn all the way like old Hollywood to feel glamorous.”

Hope said, "I just wore a $27,000 outfit and in a matter of a blink with the most dynamic woman I've ever been in the presence of."

Von Furstenberg wanted Hope and Kara to not only look glamorous but also feel it on the inside which was very inspiring for Kara. “She knew our insecurities and wanted to overpower them. She's like no, no insecurities, women are strong, we have to be strong, we have to be the best."

We wanted to know what it was really like to be in Oprah’s studio. Hope told us, "The studio was actually very small. We expected it to be smaller than it looks but it was 10 times smaller than it looked.”

Before the big reveal, the Flagstaff moms weren’t able to see each other. Hope remembers the moment before they appeared on stage. “So when they brought in all of the audience members and all of the other extravaganza that occurred that day, we were hidden in little tiny spots quietly. They put us out on the stage and made us come out curtains and made us face each other. So we saw each other at the exact same time as the audience and Oprah and our team saw us. We did not work it and strut down the runway, we giggled at each other.”

Kara admitted, “I wanted some direction, I wanted that sign that said, pose, I don't know what to do, throw your hip but instead we're like ‘Oh I like your... do you have eyelashes on? I have eyelashes on. I like your shoes’."

Their segment ended in a flash.” A photographer showed up, took a photo of the three of us, music came on, we danced and we were ushered to a front row and it was like, what just happened.”

The highlight of the trip was meeting Oprah. Kara described her as “She is a business woman, organized and a business woman.” Hope told us, "You feel like you know someone when you see them that much on television she's giggling, she's laughing and she wipes her tears and she hangs out with her best friend and you know what she likes to eat and her favorite color but when you're in her presence it was more like a really loud noise, it caught me off guard."