Jobs report looks more promising for graduating seniors

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TUCSON, Ariz. -- The latest jobs report shows hirings are up and for graduating seniors.

It's time for school to end, and that means its time to get a job.

"I literally applied for 30 jobs, looked on craiglist, had a hard time finding places that were hiring," said UA Senior Isaac Figueroa.

It seems like its the same old song and dance, but actually, the job outlook for graduating seniors is far better than it has been the last few years.

"Our national statistics are telling us that employers are looking at a 19% increase. With internships and related positions we're up 55% and we're up 20% with full time jobs being posted," said Eileen McGarry with UA Career Services.

Career Services at the U of A tells their students to plan their career outlook at the end of their junior year, to give them enough time to do internships and other job experiences. All can do wonders in the job search.

"We are not back at the 2007 levels, but we're finally starting to move to the oint where we're not seeing down turn in our opportunities where employers are starting to build again and hire again," said McGarry.

Even when those businesses were not hiring, Eileen and the Career Services Office maintained a relationship with them, knowing one day they'd be hiring again.

But for Isaac and some others, things aren't looking so bright.

"I haven't heard much about anyone getting a job and everything and it seems like kinda rough right now," said Figueroa.