Water rate hike approval waiting on mayor and council

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TUCSON, Ariz. -- Tucson Water customers could soon see an increase on their water bills next year.

Wednesday, members of the community gathered to ask question and get answers on the plan.

The proposed increase could go up to more than 8%. Almost four months ago, the city council approved the water department's five year plan which include the rate hike.

"It will be anywhere between two dollars and 68 cents and just under three dollars, over three dollar. Our costs are going up just like everyone else.  Our energy costs are expected go up over half a million dollars next year," said Fernando Molina from Tucson Water.

The rate increase still needs to be approved by mayor and council.   If it is given the green light, there would be an 8.2 increase next year and then 4.6 for the next three years.