Ozone health watch in effect today, possibly tomorrow

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PHOENIX -- Warm weather returns to the Valley today, with afternoon highs expected to top out in the low 90s.  Expect an even warmer day tomorrow, with highs near 98 degrees. 

Saturday will be nearly as warm, but Sunday's highs drop off to the low 90s. 

A storm system is expected to sweep by north of the state early next week, bringing windy but cooler days. 

The combination of today's heat, sunshine and fairly calm winds have prompted the Arizona Department of Environmental Quality to extend yesterday's Ozone Health Watch into today.

Ground-level ozone levels are expected to approach unhealthy levels both today and tomorrow.  If you have a sensitive respiratory system, you're urged to limit your time outdoors. 

To limit ozone production, carpool or limit your driving time, refuel after dark and avoid using gas-powered equipment. 

Today's Ozone Health Watch will likely be extended or upgraded to a High Pollution Advisory for tomorrow.