Drowning warnings increasing as Tucson weather heats up

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TUCSON, Ariz. -- As the weather heats up, many people hit the pool to find relief, but with swimming season comes an increased danger of drownings.

It may have been a little cooler, but summer weather is right around the corner which means the time to hit the pool is almost here.

At the sunshine swim school, the pool has been busy since march. With a full schedule of classes for kids ready to get their feet wet. They believe the earlier the better.

"We start teaching lessons as early as six months," said Anne Welsh.

Anne welsh insists toddlers can learn too and preschoolers, but even with those lessons learned and hours of pool time don't assume kids are drowning proof.

That's the message tucson fire delivered Tuesday morning to kids learning to swim at los ninos head start.

"The most important thing is supervision, we know drownings a hundred percent preventable and the key to that is supervision," said Public Safety Education Specialist Mandy Hart.

The main goal for both fire fighters and swimming instructors: prevent any future incidents.

"Especially in an area like Tucson, where so many families have pools, it's really important to educate kids on water safety and make sure that kids are swimming well enough so they can be safe around bodies of water and pools and be able to go to friends birthday parts and swim and be safe," said Hart.