Warning: Protect yourself from bad botox

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Do you know where you're getting your botox? As we found out on the Dr. Oz Show, there are serious consequences if you don't do your homework.

Lisa Forster enjoys getting Botox. It’s a popular minimally invasive procedure to smooth out wrinkles.
“It's pretty amazing what it does,” Forster said.

“Botox is a very safe drug,” Patricia Foley said. “I think people get a concept that it is a dangerous drug, but as long as it's injected properly, handled properly and are done by a professional.”

Foley is a registered nurse who gives all of the injectables like Botox at Shapiro Aesthetic Plastic Surgery in Scottsdale. Forster has been coming to her for a year.

“We only use approved FDA products here that are shipped directly from the company both Dysport and Botox,” Foley said.

While getting Botox is on the rise, are consumers really paying attention to who's giving it to them.

“Where you have to start getting a little nervous is when it gets into the med spas and certainly the mall,” Dr. John Corey said. “And those products can be purchased, but who exactly is doing the injecting, I think it's something that deserves a little closer investigation.”

Corey is a board certified plastic surgeon.
“Probably the worst case scenario of going to someone who is not trained is wasting your time and money,” Corey said. “You might get more treatment than you really wanted. You may have drooping in an area that you didn't really want.”

Corey said buyers should beware, Botox is a medical treatment. This means you need to ask questions just like you would with any other procedure.
“What is your training in? What was your residency in? How many of these do you do and are you board certified in this,” Corey said. “Now if you’re going to a med spa, what you should ask yourself who’s the Medical Director? Who is the doctor over seeing this? What training do they have in cosmetic administration of the medication?”

In addition to knowing the qualifications of the person injecting Botox make sure you're getting the real stuff. Corey says it's ok to see the packaging. Products like Botox Cosmetic and Dysport have holograms on the bottle. Now as for the price, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

“If the price falls below a certain point, probably the only way that they can do that is by diluting the product,” Corey said.

He said the price of Botox should not be $50, but in the price range of at least $200. He also advises people to not buy products like this on the internet.

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