Fire restrictions expected as Arizona wildfires multiply

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TUCSON, Ariz. -- Fire dangers are escalating as fire fighters battle several blazes across the state.

While officials urge you to be safety conscious when visiting the outdoors, they also want you to be thinking about fire protection at home.

"We're expected to enter into fire restrictions pretty soon based on conditions that we're seeing out there," said Heidi Schewel with the Coronado National Forest

Heidi Schewel says a number of factors could lead to hightened safety precautions in the outdoors.

"We're seeing fires start now and growing quickly to thousands of acres and what are anticipated fire season is so we look at the big picture," said Schewel.

High temps and gusty winds spell danger for dry desert terrain. Firefighters are finishing up the Greaterville fire in the Santa Rita mountains, while the 2,000-acre Horseshoe 2 fire continues to cause trouble in the Chiricahua mountains.

"People need to know before they leave their fire for any amount of time for any reason it needs to be out, cold to the touch," said Schewel.

The Coconino and Southern Kaibab National Forests have already rolled out fire restrictions.

The threat is also very close to home.  Captain Adam Goldberg with the Northwest Fire district says washes pose a serious problem.

"This fuel being so dry and so tinderbox, you can see the proximity right to a home," said Goldberg.

You need a 30-foot boundary around your home, clear of dry vegetation.  Whether it's the forest or the freeway, lit cigarettes can cause disaster.

"As people travel the freeways they see that blackened area from fires, a result of people disposing cigarettes out their windows," said Goldberg.

At home and in the great outdoors, Arizonans need to be on fire alert.